Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Friday 01.08.10

Today the galleries and businesses of First Friday were named "Richmonders of The Year" by Style Weekly, read more here . This month studio/gallery 6 features new mixed media by Todd S. Hale. Below are some samples of iphone drawings/prints that will be on sale at the show and online. The show is 7pm till.....
"obvious twin"
"lets chew gum in the woods"
"sleeping stone counter"
"night time crooner"
"neptune whiskey drinker"
"yum yum"
"the snuggler"
"hoax sifter"
"obvious twin"
"parrots ahead"
"plant messenger"
"campfire friend"
"he lives on the edge of town"
"mr. giggles"
"let's hold hands, lie down and tell each other what we see"
"nap time traveller"
"sparkle eater"
"fake language"
"the sizzler"
"yawning woofer"
"mr. muggles"

"itchy itchy"

"crocodile worship"

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