Friday, May 30, 2008

RIP Robert Rauschenberg

I missed the news that Rauschenberg passed away on May 12. He was an early inspiration to me both aesthetically and as a role model of someone with an endless curiosity who succeeded in living the artist's life. He was also about as prolific as they come...David Byrne sums him up well here in the NY Times.
There is an interesting video here about his "collaboration" with Willem DeKooning.

Monday, May 19, 2008

06.06.08 First Friday at studio/gallery 6

The final First Friday at studio/gallery 6 before the summer break will feature the work of Gillian Brown, Dominic Carpin, and Todd S. Hale. This will be Gillian's third show here and the first time as a visual artist for Dominic. He has played music at the studio several times with his band The Cashmere Jungle Lords.
Gillian Brown, 24 "36", acrylic on paper, 2008.
Dominic Carpin, "Poe's Moon" 2008, mixed media on paper.

Keith Bowniece returns with his raw blend of rock and roll from the hip, channeling the ghost of Iggy Pop (even though he isn't dead). Also playing will be Poly, official house band and crowd favorite(pictured above). I recently listened to their upcoming release and was blown away. An eclectic mix of Radiohead-like imagery and the emotion of Neil Young, set in a beautifully efficient rock and roll soundscape. Barbyhair and the Way of the Sun will also be featured for the first time at studio/gallery 6. To borrow from a high school prom somewhere...."a night to remember"....

The evening is a benefit for Friends of Art , a group that supports the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts through social events and programs.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

new work

"The Geometry of Romance" 24" x 24", epoxy collage on panel, 2008.

May 2, 2008-First Friday

Thanks again to WRIR Richmond Indie Radio for sponsoring the show.

The Hill Folk getting things rolling early....

Recent Commission

epoxy collage on panel, 36" x 36".

"Identity Dust Tunnel"

epoxy collage on panel, 24" x 24"