Friday, December 12, 2008

open studio 12.12.08 5pm-10pm

open studio Friday December 12, 2008 5pm-10pm.

Downtown Arts District Progressive Shopping Night, 5-8pm 12.12.08
Enjoy another Friday night out in Downtown as numerous galleries and creative businesses extend their hours and offer special activities for easy holiday shopping and socializing.

"language pagoda" epoxy collage on wood panel, 12" x 36", todd s. hale, 2007. sold

acrylic on wood panel, 36" x 36", todd s. hale 2008. sold. (detail above)
"bone phathom" acrylic on panel 48" diameter, todd s. hale 2008.

"boondocks" collage on paper, tape, acrylic 60" x 78" todd s. hale 2008.

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Christina said...

Boondocks is super creepy! Keep it up!
Love ya, chris
PS can't wait to get a tshirt