Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Gift" drying

"Gift" is part of a new series along with "Souvenir" and "Memento", which will be featured shortly. Materials for these wall hanging pieces include crab shells, wood, fiberglass, epoxy and fireworks. "Gift" is approx. 90" x 6". In naming it gift I was partly inspired by Man Ray's "Gift"(below). I have always admired his work and think of him as true pioneer and role model as a mixed media artist. He was apparently an interesting character as well, photographing and becoming involved with a long list of the artists and musicians of his time. He also was driven by a self-described pursuit of "liberty and pleasure"....nice:

Here are some more views of my "Gift" (pictured with "Brujo" 6.5' x 9.5' epoxy on 360 4x6 photographs):

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